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School tips & Advice for grades 4,5,6.


Getting bullied at school? Thats not good! If your getting bullied at school dont keep quiet. Even though your being a snich, it always funny to see bullies get in trouble! That dosent mean laugh though. Thats being a smartalik. I think its better to be a snich than a smartalik!!!

What if the bullie is/was my friend and I can't bear watch them get in trouble?

Well that happens all the time! If you really don't want them getting in trouble then try to get them to listen to you. Get them to realize bullying is wrong. Help them. They might let you talk if you used to be friends.

What if the bullie gets mad after I rat him/her out?

That is a big problem! well just tell again. its not really that good advice but it works. Sometimes its scary being bullied thinking of what they might do if they find out you got them in trouble but you gotta do what you gotta do.


Getting prepaired for a test? You'll be fine as long as you study and have the right supplies. That includes: Pencils, a pencil Sharpener, and an eraser. good luck!!!!

What if I forgot to study and end up failing?

Easy, if you fail just ask your teacher if theres any way you can retake the test. If not,see other ways to raise your grades!

what if i didn't bring the right supplies?

well sorry...Thats your prob not mine...The best advice i can give you is to try harder next time. After all, A pencil, Eraser And pencil sharpener are pretty impossible to forget. Most Pencils HAVE erasers on the back and its not often your pencil actually breaks. Oh well.


One thing about school is friends. Friendships develope at school. Friendships are nice to have, but make sure it doesen't distract you from your schoolwork TOO much!

What if my friend tries to use my answers to Cheat in school?

This happens to alot of people. Just ask you're friend to stop Cheating. If they don't, ask if you can sit farther away from them.